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About Dissertation and Thesis

Defense of Dissertation and Thesis

According to Chapter V of the Program’s Regulations, these are the rules regarding the Defense of Dissertation and Thesis:





Art 37. For the thesis defense, the presentation of bibliographic production related to the student thesis is a requirement (This may include a paper accepted for publishing or published in an indexed international journal, a full paper in conference proceedings, a patent proposal, etc).

Art 38. The examination committee will be appointed by the student’s advisor through a form provided by the graduate program, obeying the deadline of 21 days before the defense date.

§ 1 Four members must be appointed for the master’s defense and six members for the doctoral defense.

§ 2 Besides the permanent members, a substitute member must be appointed to the master’s examination committee and two substitute members to the doctoral examination committee.

(The approval of the examination committee will be given by the graduate program committee under the terms of article 15, item IV of UFC’s Stricto Sensu Graduate Studies General By-laws.)

Art. 39 The dissertation or thesis defense will occur in the venue, date and time established by the graduate program coordinating office, disclosed with at least a seven-day notice. The event is open to the public.

§ 1 The presentation of the dissertation or thesis must follow the guidelines established by the Program’s Coordinating Office.

§ 2 The dissertation or thesis can be written and/or defended in a foreign language, following the guidelines established by the stricto sensu graduate program’s internal statute.

§ 3 In case the dissertation or thesis involves the registration of intellectual property, the filing process, duly instructed by the UFC Innovation Technology Coordinating Office, must be accomplished before the public defense.

§ 4 The dissertation or thesis examination committee, presided by the advisor, will be composed of, at least, three (03) and five (05) members, respectively, approved by the coordinating office;

Art. 40 The members of the dissertation or thesis defense committees must award the candidate with one of the following statuses: pass or fail.

§ 1 The student will pass or fail if he/she attains this status according to the majority of the examination committee members.

§ 2 The student who fails will be immediately dismissed from the program.

§ 3 In case of modifications suggested for the dissertation or thesis, the occurrence will be registered in the defense minute and the student must accomplish these modifications in up to 30 days after the defense, as a requirement for the solicitation of the diploma.