Highlight in “Editor’s suggestion” of Physical Review Materials

The paper “Atomic-layered MoS2 on SiO2 under high pressure: Bimodal adhesion and biaxial strain effects” by R. S. Alencar, K. D. A. Saboia, D. Machon, G. Montagnac, V. Meunier, O. P. Ferreira, A. San-Miguel, and A. G. Souza Filho was a highlight in the section “Editor’s sugestion” from Physical Review Materials.

This paper sheds light on the interaction between MoS2 and SiO2 substrate under the influence of external pressure. Using Raman measurements, the authors studied the evolution of in-plane and out-of-plane vibrational modes of exfoliated MoS2 under a high pressure of up to 8 GPa. It turns out biaxial stress is transmitted from substrate to layered MoS2 via substrate deformation, and the degree of stress transfer depends on the thickness of MoS2. For example, they observe that E2g and A1g modes shift for all few-layer thick system, and split only for mono- and bilayer MoS2. The thickness-dependent response is understood in terms of the variation of bending modulus and adhesion properties of MoS2. The results presented in this paper can aid to the study of strain engineering and straintronics in two-dimensional systems.

Phys. Rev. Materials 1, 024002 (2017)