Carbon nanomaterials revisited

Research on carbon nanomaterials, especially those with sp2-type hybridization, has long attracted the attention of scientists of several research areas, from physics to materials science. The researchers of the Physics Departament of the Federal University of Ceará, by the way, have gained prominence in the research about this theme. In recent work, Professors Antonio Gomes de Souza Filho and Eduardo Bedê Barros of  UFC, together with professors Vincent Meunier of Rensselaer Politechnique and Mildred S. Dresselhaus of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, both in the United States, publish a review of the properties of these materials. The paper discusses the behavior of sp2 nanocarbons (graphene, carbon nanotubes, graphene nanofitas, etc.) and how it can be understood in terms of the unique graphene characteristics, whose electronic structure is characterized by a linear dispersion relation , similar to null mass carriers. The authors  discussed how the properties of these materials are modified by their interface with the environment surrounding them and the possible ways to control them in order to adapt them to several applications. The paper was published in the renowned journal “Review of Modern Physics,” the higher impact factor (> 32) journal of the American Physical Society.

Another paper authored by Prof. Antonico Gomes de Souza Filho in collaboration with Prof. Ado Jorio, from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, revisits the characteristics of carbon nanostructures from the perspective of Raman spectroscopy. This work will be available in the 2016 issue of Annual Review of Materials Research, an annual journal that specializes in the publication of review articles about the most significant issues in scientific literature in the area of ​​material research (impact factor> 10).


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